Do you have a subject that you would like to teach?

Teaching at Olympus gives you a platform to share your experience and knowledge with the new wave of Witches and other Pagans that are finding their path. Let us host your class! 

Create a Google Drive and invite - [email protected]

To be considered please include with your application(upload documents and supporting material to the drive):

A  rough draft course outline
Your experience or degrees and qualifications. -For paths that do not have degrees like Kitchen Witchery a detailed accounting of your personal experience

Our school is moving from independent contractors to hourly positions for teachers in preparation for obtaining full licensing and degrees! Starting pay $17.00 an hour for 4 hours a week, one hour of instruction time per week an assignment/quiz is due. 15 week terms with a raise to $18.00 after two terms and to $20.00 after your first year. Olympus is still online only for now, with in person teaching options when we obtain a campus. Classes we are looking for-
Green Witchcraft/ magic
Wiccan studies
History of the Craft
Witchcraft 101
Crystals 101
Deity work (varying types)
Pagan Theology
Anthropology (metaphysical focus)
Archaeology (metaphysical focus)
Ancient History
Intuitive teachings
Sustainable Herbalism
Norse Paganism
Folk Magic
Animal Magic, communication, husbandry, stewardship
Magical Gardening
The Fairy Paths
Urban Witchery
Celtic Tree Spirituality
Pagan parenting

And so much more! If you want to teach a course not listed please reach out! We are working on benefits too!

Cultural Appropriation statement- if anyone wants to teach a course from a specific culture, for example, Native American History/lore, you MUST be from the culture. I will not seek out these classes, but I will welcome you with open arms if you want to share your knowledge as Olympus Academia, Academy of the Arcane Arts is a school created to preserve and share knowledge. We are wanting to have as many of these courses up and running by Winter Term and will evaluate course content on a college level.