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        Olympus Academia is an academy of the arcane arts, a place for the metaphysical community to come and learn. Our academy offers a heavy focus on the art of the craft, with the goal of becoming a University with certified degrees in the future.
        The ancient Houses of Light of Egypt were the last known bastions of knowledge for the Arcane Arts, they lived, studied, and learned in these magical places. It was one of the last times in history a magic user held an official job title and were respected and revered in their governments. Olympus strives to bring back that respect and recognition for our varied community, whether you're a witch, a druid, a shaman, a hoodoo or voodoo priestess etc. And to gather as much knowledge and learning under one roof as we possibly can! Who knows what we will discover on this journey!
        We are working diligently on attaining land to build a physical location, where you all can come and learn in safety! 
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         Olympus strives to not only be a Global University, but a Global Ambassador for change. For centuries members of our community have been targeted, mutilated and killed. In fact, many countries still outlaw Witchcraft, and many metaphysical practices are still considered under that umbrella.
         Olympus wants to be a voice, an advocate, and a leader in change worldwide to get protections in place. To change the very laws that hold so many of us under their thumbs. 
         We fought for the freedom of slaves, and are still fighting for equality for our POC and minority members. We fought for equal rights for Women, and are still fighting for true equality. Now Olympus wants to fight for true freedom and safety for us. Witches, Pagans, and others in the metaphysical community have hidden in fear for too long. With today's technology there is no excuse for the ignorance plaguing our world. 
         Olympus will not stop growing to be a safe space, nor will Olympus stop fighting for the world to be a safer space. Join us, and fight for change.
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