Help us get our first Campus!!!

We are starting with the community support part of our plan!
If we get this location for our school, we will build a community herb garden, tear up the majority of the concrete to replace with clover (for the bees <3 ) there will be an indoor terrarium, rooftop garden, mental health help, classes from our school, a library, childcare for those using our services, community events and markets and so much more!
We have an advantage even though we are not a multi million dollar investor, because our school IS registered with the state of Oregon, and education is on their list! Please sign and help us get this, we need to show them that there are enough of us! (you can share and anyone in the world can sign, we have classes online available to anyone!) 
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Olympus Academia Ambassador Campus 
Proposed Floor Plan

First Floor, South building where Olympus will have the child care center for students and other members of the community can receive care for their children, with student child care included in tuition. Olympus will have a permanent indoor market space, giving small businesses in our community a change to get year round exposure.
Here is the second floor, where Olympus sill set up the school store, 24 hour pagan and metaphysical library and 10 classrooms!
The third floor will have our CEO's office, the security office, more classrooms, a green house and a café! (Hopefully that will be 24hrs as well to go with our 24 hour library!)
On the fourth floor we will not only have a theater and auditorium for rituals, theater rentals, shows, graduation ceremonies, but a LARGE rooftop garden!
The first floor of the North Building will be where our mental health facility is, with the providers being members of our community where you can talk freely about your beliefs and magical abilities without judgement. 
The second floor of the North building will have our cafeteria during the day where culinary students will get to practice their kitchen witchery, and a restaurant/bar at night with balcony seating for a relaxed evening after class.

Ways you can Help!

Sign our Petition!
Donate Here!
Contact EWEB!

Sign here to show EWEB how many of us there are!

EWEB and the Community Development Department are not familiar with the metaphysical community and how many of us there are. Olympus is paving the way with a new business, and we need to show them there is a market, and a want for a safe place to learn and grow!

Donate to help us make Olympus Great!

Donating to our GoFundMe will help us secure our Ambassador campus even if EWEB decides to go with another developer, we will get our campus! As well as help us furnish our campus, and make any renovation changes that may be needed.

Tell EWEB that you want Olympus to have its campus!

The best thing you can do, is express support directly to EWEB for Olympus to obtain the River Front Property for our ambassador campus. The more voices they hear in support the better. Let them know we're here!